Father and son bring rainwater harvesting technology to Ghana

An American businessman, Glenn Ferrell and his son Isaac Ferrell are travelling all the way from the US with a team of experts to introduce rainwater harvesting technology to Ghana, according to reports from the US.

Ferrell, who is the owner of Living Water Aquascapes Inc., a business that specializes in building ornamental water features such as organic water gardens, waterfalls and streams, is coming to Ghana in January to help install a 15,000-gallon rainwater harvest basin.

The basin would be built at the Kuve Community School in the Volta Region, in an area that is prone to drought every year. When the project is completed, water will be collected during the rainy season.

According to Ferrell, “solar panels will charge batteries that will operate booster pumps to move the water.”

The system will also have an ionizer to make sure the water is safe to drink.

The team will work with the I.N. Network, a nondenominational Christian missions organization that is already doing some work in Ghana.

The system Ferrell uses is able to capture and reuse rainwater to reduce the need for using chemically treated water sources. The business also works with those who need help constructing wetlands around their retention ponds or improving water quality in the ponds.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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