Ghanaian youth asked to stay away from cyber fraud

The youth, have been tasked to work hard to achieve academic excellence and progress in their chosen professions rather than engage in cyber fraud.

The Reverend Enoch Osafo, Pastor in charge of the Taifa Central branch of the Christ Apostolic Church International, expressed his regret over the misuse of the internet by the youth.

He said instead of using the internet to access information and acquire knowledge; they rather use it to engage in fraudulent deals.

Rev. Osafo, who was preaching on Sunday to round off the church’s Mission’s Week, said the use of spiritual powers in cyber fraud, now known as “Sakawa”, by the youth, was gradually becoming a social vice.

He said the youth, after defrauding innocent people through the internet, use the proceeds to acquire flashy cars and deal in drugs.

However, after enjoying the proceeds of their activities, they ended up “going mad and dying prematurely”.

The Minister therefore charged parents to question their wards, who are not in gainful employment over how they acquired their wealth.

“Monitor and pray for your children to save them from destruction. If your child who is under 18 purchases a VW Golf car ask him how he came by that. Don’t get excited over wealth they did not toil for.”

Rev. Osafo further entreated members of the church to go all out to preach the gospel to the youth in order to save them from robbery, drug abuse, prostitution and other social vices.

“If you preach to them and they repent from their sins, the nation would be spared the high rate of robbery, drug peddling and prostitution,” he told the congregation.

Source: GNA

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