US Visa application made easy

Henceforth, people who had five-year United State of America visa and wish to apply for renewal, will no longer need to schedule appointments.

Raymond Stephens the vice consul of the Embassy, who announced this at a news conference in Accra Wednesday December 17, 2008, however emphasised that the concession is limited to only those who had been issued with valid B1/B2 non-immigrant visa.

He said the new policy will be effective January 5, next year, and applicants would need to be in possession of their passports to enjoy the facility.

Applicants who meet the criteria may bring the passport with the expired visa, as well as the machine readable visa application fee of $131 or GH¢150, the completed on line application form and supporting documents to the consulate for a new visa” he stated.

Moreover, applicants currently in possession of a valid HIB |(temporary worker) and CI/D(transit/crew) visa are also welcome to renew their visa without appointment.

Mr Stephens said the embassy was aware of some internet operators who hired people to monitor their website and sold the information to ‘hawkers’ who went round and sold it for huge sums of money and said at the right time they would be dealt with.

He added that, the opportunity was opened to those with 5 years visa only and the first twenty five applicants would be taken for interview.

Furthermore, he said, one of this major problems the Embassy is facing is the use of fraudulent or fake documents by applicants and advised people to use the right channel to get genuine visa.

Source: The Ghanaian Times

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