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Groups and how they influence the individual (Part One)

Every individual belongs to a group of some kind. People belong to some groups involuntarily, that is to say they have no choice in belonging to the group, they find themselves in these groups naturally. And these are groups such as the family, ethnicity, race, class, gender and so on. …

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The biofuel factor, the food crisis and Ghana

It is now an established fact that the production of biofuel is a major contributor to the current worsening global food crisis. The use of productive agriculture land for the production of crops for ethanol has been identified as a factor that is pushing world food prices up to 75%. …

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Ghana’s scientific breakthrough in growing shea nuts for economic development

Introduction There is highly elating news of great value to both scientists and shea nut enthusiasts in Ghana. The Ghana News Agency published a story in which it quoted Dr Emmanuel Kofi Odoi, Director of the Cocoa Research Institute (CRI) substation in Bole saying “the Institute would soon introduce modern …

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Full cost recovery in Ghanaian Universities – to be or not to be?

Introduction The issue of full cost recovery at Ghanaian universities has become an untouchable subject because of its sensitivity. But as difficult as it is a subject for discussions, it will not easily go away. Sooner than later, it will confront our political leaders, education policy makers, administrators, students, parents …

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How the Slave Trade stifled Africa’s economy

Introduction It is not possible to recount the history of the African continent without talking about the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and its impact on the continent’s economy. Indeed, a cursory look at Africa’s current economic situation will reveal traces and imprints of the heinous crime against Africans known as …

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In search of Ghana’s child entrepreneurs

According to available records Ghana’s population is made up of over 50% young people. They are between the ages of 18-40 years. They are the energy soaked, ambitious and bubbling group of our population, who possibly, could determine the future of this country – whichever way they choose! But why …

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