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Some 2014 lessons about the Ghanaian voter

Last year we had an avalanche of elections at the party level all over the country for both the government and the main opposition parties. Here’s a bit of what we learned about the Ghanaian voter post 2012: The thumb & the independent vote Over time the Ghanaian voter is …

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Why “Goods sold are not returnable” in Ghana?

This is a common sign in many shops in Ghana and no one has ever had the courage to question this statement. Words like buyer remorse, warranty (or guarantee) are scarce in Ghana’s shops, businesses. Consumers take or leave whatever is presented before them, there is little room for consumer’s …

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US Embassy official writes to Editor on Ghana and Syria

Dear Editor: Just as we were recently compelled to commend Ghana for its commitment to the rule of law and democratic processes, as demonstrated by the peaceful resolution of the election dispute through the judicial process, we are compelled to condemn nations that repudiate international norms as Syria did last …

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As Ghana’s economy goes into crisis – there is need for policy options

Ghana’s current economic crisis is not accidental. Many analysts forewarned that an increasing public sector wage bill and election-triggered spending in 2012 would put the budget out of balance and that is exactly what has happened. The economy as it stands now must be stabilized, and a number of policy …

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Ghana government is clueless, visionless and exploitative – Communications Tax Bill amendment shows

The Ghana government’s attempt to amend the Communications Service Tax Act clearly shows that it is clueless, visionless and intent on exploiting Ghanaians at home and abroad. That is notwithstanding the fact that Ghanaians living abroad have become major contributors to the country’s economy. The government after setting a 6.7% …

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ECG will make or break Ghana’s power sector

The Electricity Company of Ghana has been cited in a recent report by the World Bank as failing financially and operationally. The World Bank report titled “Energising Economic Growth in Ghana-Making the Power and Petroleum sectors rise to the challenge” asked the government of Ghana to “think big”  and “provide …

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