Basketball Africa League 2023 guide

Featuring some of the best players in the game from all over the African continent, the Basketball Africa League (BAL) has quickly become one of the continent’s most exciting basketball events. Compelling reasons for BAL provides a platform for the best basketball players in Africa to compete at the greatest level. Audiences will be able to see talented athletes from all around Africa. 

The 2023 season is almost approaching, and fans can’t wait to return to the action. So this article will guide you on the BAL 2023 season. If you’re a fan of the game or just curious about it, keep reading to learn more about the thrilling world of the Basketball Africa League.

An overview of Basketball Africa League 

There is no better men’s basketball league in Africa than the Basketball Africa League (BAL). Seeing your favorite sports teams or athletes take on their biggest rivals live on the field or court is an experience like no other. Like the UEFA Champions League, the league has twelve teams qualified via their respective national tournaments. 

Basketball’s two biggest governing bodies—the NBA and FIBA—have joined forces to create this competition. The first season’s playoffs were held in May 2021, with the regular season following in October 2019. As the BAL stepped in to fill the void when the Africa Basketball League folded, winners of each season’s tournament earned a berth in the FIBA Intercontinental Cup.

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Guide to the 2023 Basketball Africa League

The Basketball Africa League (BAL) is entering its third season in 2023, also known as BAL Season 3. This playoffs and championship game will be held at the BK Arena in Kigali for the third consecutive season. Champions of the 2023 BAL season will be invited to play in the FIBA Intercontinental Cup in Singapore. US Monastir are the current champions after claiming their first title. 

Venue and schedule

The 2023 BAL season will feature a split between the two conferences comprising the 12 club champions. March 11-21, the Dakar Arena in Dakar will host 15 games for the Sahara Conference. Meanwhile, from April 26 to May 6, the Hassan Mostafa Indoor Sports Complex in Cairo will host 15 games for the Nile Conference.  

On Saturday, May 20, rather than Sunday, May 21, the Basketball Africa League (BAL) moved the start of the 2023 BAL Playoffs and Finals. According to the rearranged schedule, all four quarter final games will occur on the same weekend. 

Broadcast and streaming

Two hundred fourteen nations and territories can watch the 2023 BAL season through live streaming. This live streaming includes the NBA App, NBA website, and BAL NBA website, and free and paid TV broadcast partnerships with:

African Union of Broadcasting

American Forces Network (AFN)

Canal+, ESPN (sub-Saharan Africa)

NBA TV, Tencent, TV5 Monde

Visionary TV and Voice of America (VOA)

Sahara Conference Teams

These are the teams of the Sahara conference who have made the playoffs:

Ivory Coast’s ABC Fighters

Senegal’s AS Douanes

Nigeria’s Kwara Falcons

Rwanda’s REG

Stade Malien (Mali)

Tunisia’s defending champions: US Monastir

Nile Conference Teams

The Nile Conference of the Basketball Africa League (BAL) will occur a month after Dakar’s successful Sahara Conference. In Cairo, six teams will compete for a spot in the tournament’s semifinals. Nile Conference Teams are:

Al Ahly (Egypt)

Cape Town Tigers (South Africa)

Seydou Legacy Athletique Club- SLAC (Guinea)

City Oilers (Uganda)

Club Atletico petroleos de Luanda (Angola)

Clube Ferroviário da Beira-CFV Beira (Mozambique)

Be ready on the 2023 BAL season

Basketball enthusiasts all around the continent and beyond should be ready for a thrilling 2023 season of the Basketball Africa League. The BAL has made remarkable advances toward providing high-quality basketball entertainment to fans worldwide. 

Thanks to its expanding popularity and partnerships with major media outlets. Mark your calendars and get ready to experience the greatest African basketball in action, whether you watch the games in person or on television.

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