We need to build the walls of Ghana with truth – Ghana Evangelical Society

Reverend Frederick Barnacle Dadson

The Reverend Frederick Barnacle Dadson, Assistant Leader, Ghana Evangelical Society (GES), has called on the Church and the State to at all times make truth the ultimate in the development of the country.

He said God’s assurances of helping rebuild Ghana and liberating the citizenry from the many challenges hinged on truth in all spheres.

Rev Dadson said this at the thanksgiving service and launch of the 50th Anniversary of the GES with designated programmes to strengthen the frontiers of the Society whilst winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

In his keynote address, the Assistant Leader said: “God has assured us that the mission of rebuilding the walls of Ghana has been accomplished. Truth is the wall and He God is the Truth who has become King and Ruler of the land.”

Rev Dadson said the Ghana Evangelical Society would play an integral role in the rebuilding of the “broken walls” of Ghana through evangelisation of Ghana, Africa and the world.

In the past, he said GES had been involved in diverse missionary activities like revivals, conferences, lectures, and symposia in preaching and teaching the truth and true worship of God.

“Many spiritual, religious, political, and social forces were set in motion to stop the Society from her missionary work. But the Ministry has remained faithful to the calling,” Rev Dadson noted.

The 50th Anniversary will have a gathering on April 9 at Wesley Grammar Senior High School.

There will also be a homecoming event, Africa Day Celebration and a special thanksgiving event towards church building.

Distinguished personalities who had served the Church for decades, including the Rev Prof Enoch Immanuel Amanor Agbozo, whose leadership started the Church in April 1973, were acknowledged.

The Society was conceived as a non-denominational evangelistic group with the motto: “Service to God and Man”.

However, during the period of training and preparation for the ministry, the Lord directed the Group into the study of specific books of the Bible – Haggai, Ezra and Nehemiah and commissioned the Society with the building of the broken walls of Ghana, the GNA was told.

Source: GNA

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