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Unprotected sex accounts for 80% of HIV/AIDS infection – Coordinator

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http://www.ghanabusinessnews.com/wp-admin/media-upload.php?type=file&tab=library&post_id=92316&post_mime_type=&s=aids&m=0#The Coordinator of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese of the Catholic Church in charge of the Strengthening HIV/AIDS Response Partnership Through Evidence Based Results (SHARPER), Mr Kofi Anamboyine Ayamga on Friday disclosed that unprotected sex accounts for  80 per cent  of transmission of HIV/AIDS.

He said notwithstanding the fact that there are several factors such as blood transfusion, sharing of instruments like blades and injection needles, unprotected sex still remains the major cause of the spread of HIV, at a lecture, organised for second cycle institutions, drawn from the Upper East Region.

The Coordinator cautioned the students to avoid pre-marital sex and that they should be mindful that one can test negative while having the disease and explained that the incubation period could take three  to seven months before showing up.

Mr Ayamga described the incubation period as the “window period”, saying that, a person in that state can infect people unknowingly.

He said since the outbreak of the disease in 1981 in the United States, it is estimated that about 35 million people worldwide had died from it of which 22.5 million are from Africa, adding that, it is also estimated that there are about 70 million people in the world living with the disease of which 50 million are from Africa.

According to him, statistics in 2011 revealed that, 217,428 people in Ghana were living with HIV/AIDS, with many of the affected persons being women, adding that, within the same period 14,330 people died from it.

He said the Upper East Region is ranked 8th among the ten regions, according to the 2011 Ghana Health Survey Centenary report, adding that, in the Region, the Bolgatanga Municipal is on top of the list followed by the Kassena Nankana East District and the Builsa District.

According to him statistics available to the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital revealed that about 30 to 34 people are tested positive every month, saying, “My outfit from 1st January to 30th May 2013 registered about 130 cases of HIV/AIDS.”

He told the students to abstain from sex, or having multiple sex partners, and that, they should use condoms if the need arises, stressing that, when one decides to use the condom it must be used correctly and consistently.

The President of NORPRA, Mr Bismark Ayorogo Adongo commended the HIV/AIDS Coordinator and entreated the students to reflect deeply on the lecture and live responsible lifestyles.

He expressed fears about the spate of the spread of the disease in the Region, particularly among the youth, who are the future leaders and said NORPRA would continue to invite HIV/AIDS experts to educate the people on HIV/AIDS in the Region.

The Navrongo–Bolgatanga Catholic Diocese, the Catholic Relief Service (CRS), Family Health International 360 and the USAID are sponsoring SHARPER to support HIV/AIDS Patients and to also educate the people on HIV/AIDS in the Region.

Source: GNA

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