Top French guitarist in Accra to train Ghanaians

The Ghana Guitarist Society (GGS) on Monday featured Mr Thibault Cauvin, a famous French Guitarist in Accra as a way to revive the interest of Ghanaians to play the musical instrument.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), the Leader of GGS, Kyekyeku (Eugene Oppong Ampadu), said the class was an innovation to share ideas about the playing of guitar.

“We want to create a good image about guitar and for people to know and have ideas about guitar,” he stressed.

Kyekyeku noted that, technology has not affected guitarists, but rather helping them in their chosen career.

The GGS comprise guitarists like, Kunle, Hosea, Fatal Nawuni, Geouann, Sewor and Enouch.

Mr Cauvin told the GNA that even though he is visiting Ghana for the first time, he is enjoying the country.

“After travelling around the world over 10 years, it is now time to come to Ghana to train guitarist and I’m happy about that,” he said

Source: GNA

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