Ghana set for e-visa, border management system

kotoka-airportAn Amsterdam-based digital security company, Gemalto, says April 8, 2013 that it has been selected as prime contractor to implement a complete visa and border management system in Ghana.

This initiative is part of the e-Ghana project funded by the World Bank and it is to aid cross-border travel.

Gemalto, in a statement, said it is to provide the Ghana Immigration Services (GIS) with a highly secure electronic visa and border management solution based on biometric authentication.

According to the company, it “will take responsibility for integrating the advanced visa and border management solution, including change management, transitional training and maintenance services.”

The company says it will also deploy border management systems at Ghana’s main ports of arrival and will implement a fully computerized system for visa and permit applications processing and issuing, with the collaboration of Avalon Biometrics.

The statement indicates that the project also covers the set up of an online portal service for visa application, and the implementation of electronic gates at the Kotoka International Airport, for rapid, convenient and automated border control of arrivals and departures.

“Aided by biometric data, the authorities will be able to account accurately for everyone entering and leaving the country,” Gemalto said.

The statement quoted Dr. Peter A. Wiredu, Director of GIS as saying “…we need an immigration system that can meet the challenges of rapid growth in international travel”. This will maintain Ghana’s economic development, he added.

According to Gemalto’s Senior Vice President for Government Programmes, Ari Bouzbib, the project puts Ghana’s border control processes on par with the latest, cutting-edge practices worldwide.

By Ekow Quandzie

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  1. DOOD says

    This should be have been done and as priority soon after Ghana discovered oil. Now the leaders and authorities should start mopping out all these illegals, criminals hiding in the country sooner as well as documenting them but if anyone who doesn’t have proper papers should be toss out soon. If this is not done it will be real headach in the future whiles Galmato put this new system in place. This system is great but not perfect, the real important silver lining lies on the people who check in and outgoing visitors as well as working visas issued and real time data compile on these people to keep criminals and illegals out.

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