Electoral Commission published results show Akufo-Addo leading race

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Woman casting her vote.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) has published election results from 24 constituencies on its website and according to the results Nana Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is leading with 39.76% of votes.

There is a total of 275 constituencies nationwide.

The results show John Mahama of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) following with 32.57%, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) has 0.49%, Henry Herbert Lartey of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) has 0.20%, Independent Candidate, Jacob Osei Yeboah has 0.34%, Dr. Abu Sakara of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) has 0.10%, Hassan Ayariga of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) has 0.06% and Kwasi Oddai Odike of the United Front Party has 0.04%.

Over 14 million voters are expected to vote in the elections that was conducted yesterday December 7, but had to be continued today December 8, 2012 in some polling centres where the biometric verification equipment did not function.

The results are still trickling in, and the full details will be known by the next two days.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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51 thoughts on “Electoral Commission published results show Akufo-Addo leading race

  1. benard

    Nana you will take it and i believe god will let you take this years do not listen to what people we say or do and do not listen to what they will say on the TV this year is yours

  2. jet

    This goes to all the presidential candidate when the Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC) declare the result ,all the presidential candidate should accept it because now am coming to get money in life and i love Ghana very much and i don,t want to go to another country and suffer please.
    jet from winneba.

  3. nana

    Only fools who will fight and kill themselves because of politics , or poor people,s who will fight and kill themselves because of politics. Have you even seen a rich man who will fight because of politics?
    thank you.
    Nana ,Accra,

  4. Don Simon, TKSHS, Kumawu

    I hope this year’s election and declaration of results will bring peaceful electoral atmosphere in Ghana. I urge Ghanaians not to engage themselves in anything that will disstabilise the country. when there is chaos, it is we children and women that will suffer the most. We pray to God that nothing of that sort happens in Ghana.

  5. Anonymous

    We should very careful of what we do or say at this very moment in our lives as a country. we should have faith in the electoral commission and stop disputing! No politician will leave his house and come and fight over politics its only the poor and vunerable. so first tink about the old lady who cant walk, the physically challenge and your mother in the house before u do anytin that will mare the peace of this country!

  6. cee

    ec why r u behind like dat, i want to see my president winning edey bee keke, love u ghana.

  7. GOD's son

    Nana you will take it and i believe My father will let you take this years do not listen to what people will say or do and do not listen to what they will say on the TV this year is yours…U are Already chosen by GOD Your Father

  8. Enter your name...

    It takes electoral commission to declare election results,no media is given the mandate to do that.we should therefore wait for ec.
    ‘We need peace more than political party’

  9. Ghanaian

    If the results are out and it tally with the BLUE SHEET of the electoral commission and what we have in our data then we will conceded but anything other than that we will not accept it.Dr.Afari Gyan please have mercy on us .our lives are very important and and we will not forgive any who wants to toy with us

  10. Regina

    what God has said is going to happen, who is man to stop it? no one can stop who God has said to rule the people of Ghana. Nana , you are a winner. just be rest assured that this is your time for open heavens. be still and know that God is doing it. just thank him right now for the victory cos you are going to be the next president of Ghana. Regina.

  11. JB

    NANA OO!!!! NANA we are with you this year all the way so be calm and wait …….we love you.

  12. Anonymous

    Metro tv, tv3 and Adom fm should stop declaring fake result because only Dr. Afari Gyan has the power to do so. This can lead to misundersting between NPP and NDC.

  13. Edward Yeboah


  14. nadia

    whatever be the case, Nana, you are still our hero. we believe in you and know you can deliver. May you live longer.

  15. Kelly

    Y should we fight cos of politics.
    Don’t accept any money from any party 2 act violently.
    U hv ur parent here nd ur frends as well.
    Ask urselve do de politicians hv dier sons nd daughters here….No

    So y shld u do dat.

  16. Anonymous

    we ar all unda the ALMIGHTY GOD,no one wil go scot free wen u cheat.ndc u can cheat bt rememba dat u ar unda GOD.GOD bles ghana

  17. Anonymous

    Jake n his NPP talkatives shld giv Ghanaians a break. They shld just accept this defeat n let the poor innocent souls of Ghanaians enjoy the already existing freedom.

  18. Mr Noname

    Please the Eldest of our great party, NPP, Do something immediatelly about the pres CONFAB held this afternoon,it is will do damage greatly NPP as a party,
    Let accept the and go back to drawing board and fully prepare for the next election, this is not going to the last generation election.

  19. ernest

    i think i will share my ideology with the electoral commission. my idea for the 2016 polls. i think elections must be conducted for two days. day one voters must be allow to vote from 7am in the morning to 3pm in the afternoon. so the counting of the votes will be done in broad daylight, so the collation of ballot boxes to the collation center will be done in broad day. the next day the others so could vote do theirs the second day to 3pm so everything is done in the board day light.

  20. BRIGHT

    we ar all unda the ALMIGHTY GOD,no one wil go scot free wen u cheat.ndc u can cheat bt rememba dat u ar unda GOD.GOD bles ghana

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