CPP blames NPP, NDC for current state of lawlessness

Dr Abu Sakara – CPP Presidential candidate for Election 2012

The Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP) at the weekend blamed the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the current state of lawlessness coupled with ethnic clashes bedeviling the nation.

“The current state of affairs of our nation characterized by social-economic failures, gross indiscipline, and blatant corruption is a firm indication that the NDC and the NPP had failed.”

“Instead of fixing the problem, orchestrated by their supporters and some leaders, they rather engage in leveling the score card as to who is more violent, corrupt, and lawless,” Dr Abu Sakara Foster, CPP Flag bearer for Election 2012 told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra.

Dr Sakara therefore called for radical electoral change “reject both the NDC and NPP and vote massively for CPP,” to instill fundamental reforms needed to reverse this trend of affairs and to set Ghana again on the path of socio-economic transformation”.

He said the country needs bold and visionary leadership to address the challenges at the fundamental level and appealed to the electorate to use election 2012 to reject politics of insult, tribalism, ethnic attack, and corruption, which has been the hallmark of both the NDC and NPP; “vote for CPP”.

“A CPP government under my leadership will ensure that the state fulfils its responsibility for empowering its citizens to hold government officials accountable…Corruption will be detected and punished the judiciary will be supported to ensure efficient administration of justice,” he said.

The CPP Flag bearer said as a demonstration of its commitment to the youth, a CPP government will offer their Ghanaian youth quality education; training and skills to enable them to contribute effectively to national development.

He said a CPP government will create the Youth Activity Centres (YAC) in all districts; launch the nation’s first State of the Youth Report to serve as guide for implementation of youth development programmes.

Other youth focus policies of the CPP includes transformation of traditional apprenticeship and on-the-job training programmes to enable beneficiaries acquire relevant skills for self-employment.

Reduce youth unemployment through series of integrated interventions to support agro-industry, guild certification for artisans and compulsory patriotic service with basic military training.

Dr Sakara said a CPP government will introduce a Youth Volunteerism Scheme in order to inculcate the spirit of giving back to communities…. “As part of a social transformation agenda, we will instill discipline, patriotism and eschew tribalism.

He said even though the CPP was the last of the four major political parties to elect its flag bearer “we have demonstrated to Ghanaians that we are ready to rule the country once again by being the first to launch a manifesto for Election 2012”.

Meanwhile the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) at the weekend said Dr Sakara will on June 26th set the pace for the institute’s “Election 2012 Evening Encounter,” with Presidential Candidates.

In a statement to the Ghana News Agency signed by Mrs Jean Mensa IEA Executive Director explained that the Evening Encounter series initiated in Election 2008 seeks to provide an individual platform, and a unique opportunity, for each of the Presidential Candidates to share their vision of programmes and strategies for development.

She said it differs from the Presidential Debates in that, while debates centre on the interaction between Presidential Candidates, the focus of the Evening Encounters is on the interaction between Presidential Aspirants and the electorate.

She said the objectives of the IEA Evening Encounters, also seeks to create a sole platform for each Presidential Aspirant to present his or her programmes and manifestoes to the electorate.

The electorate would be able through the Evening Encounters, to analyse and critique the plans of the various Aspirants to determine how realistic the plans and programmes are. This would enable the electorate make an informed choice on Election Day.

She said the Evening Encounters would be covered live on major television and radio networks throughout the country.

The IEA in addition to organising Presidential Debates will this year organise four Evening Encounters with the Presidential Aspirants of Political Parties with representation in Parliament.

The IEA is of the conviction that those who wish to govern must allow themselves to be subjected to scrutiny by the people to ensure that they understand their concerns and have the capacity to address them.

The IEA is being supported by STAR-Ghana a multi- donor pooled funding mechanism (Funded by DFID, DANIDA, EU and USAID) and the Netherlands Institute of Multiparty Democracy.

Source: GNA

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