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Nigeria’s Finance Minister almost weeps, begs citizens to accept petroleum subsidy removal

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Nigeria’s Co-ordinating Minister for Economy and Finance Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala almost wept yesterday December 22, 2011 as she practically begged Nigerians to accept the government’s proposed removal of petroleum subsidy, reports the Daily Trust.

Officials in Nigeria say the government would have spent N1.4 trillion on subsidy by the end of 2011 – 30% of total expenditure yearly.

“Please give us a chance to make the difference this time. We pledge not to disappoint you again,” Okonjo-Iweala begged when addressing members of the public at the town meeting organized by Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN) in Lagos, according to the publication.

“What we are asking you Nigerians to do is to give us a chance. We know there is lack of confidence in government. We need to rebuild the trust. Even those of us in government are tired of complaining. We can’t succeed without you. Give us chance to perform and see if we can make that change”, the Daily Trust quotes Okonjo-Iweala as saying.

By Ekow Quandzie