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Ghana Bar Association condemns conduct of five lawyers

The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) on Thursday condemned the unsubstantiated allegations of corruption levelled against all judges by a number of lawyers.

The Association also reiterated its stand that it would not shield any judge engaged in corruption and that it would assist the judiciary in combating corruption on the bench.

A statement signed by Mr Frank W.K. Beecham, National President and Peter R. Zwennes, National Secretary, said at the Association’s 268th meeting held on Thursday, June 23, 2011, the General Council considered among other things the recent allegation of corruption levelled against judges.

The Association called on the lawyers namely, Dr Raymond Atuguba, Mr Abraham Amaliba, Mr Laary Bimi and Mr David Annan to submit to the judicial council the names of the alleged corrupt judges and the evidence against them.

The Association assured the lawyers and the general public that it would encourage genuine complaints against corrupt judges as well as assist in the prosecution of such complaints.

“In the event that the said lawyers are unable to substantiate their allegations, the Association would advise them to render unqualified apology to the judiciary.”

The statement also said the Association noted with grave concern the open confession by a member of the Bar, Mr Chris Ackumey that he had engaged in the corruption of a judge.

The statement said Mr Ackumey, a practicing lawyer, by that act was in blatant violation of the laws of the land and rules of conduct as well as etiquette at the Bar.

The statement said the Bar deplored and condemned the conduct of Mr Ackumey and the GBA proposed to take the necessary legal steps for the prosecution of Mr Ackumey and institution of disciplinary proceedings against him.

Source: GNA

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