Chief calls on cocoa licensed buying companies to produce quality cocoa

The Anum Apapam Chief Cocoa Farmer in the Eastern Region has called for stiff sanctions to be applied against cocoa Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs), which produce unwholesome cocoa beans for the industry.

Nene Asare Adjabeng made the call at a farmers’ rally at Amanase in the Suhum Kraboa Coaltar District, aimed at educating farmers on the engagement of child labour on cocoa farms and how to control viral cocoa diseases such as swollen shoot.

He explained that the sanctions should lead to withdrawal of licenses in order to ensure that LBCs operated within the guidelines set for the production of quality beans.

The Chief Farmer asked all cocoa buying companies to endeavour to produce quality cocoa beans “all year round”, to enable the country to maintain its position as the producer and supplier of “best grade cocoa”.

Nene Asare, also a marketing officer, noted that the country’s cocoa had over the years gained premium price on the international market, and therefore, advised that nothing should be done to reverse the trend.

He expressed dissatisfaction about the increased proportion of under-fermented, black and decayed cocoa beans found in bulked beans ready for grading and sealing.

Source: GNA

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